Three Methods to Cope with Learners Who Skip the Content material & Go to the Quiz


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Like lots of you, I’m not a giant fan of conferences as a result of most of them are typically shows. Your complete time I’m considering, “Why didn’t they simply file a presentation and ship that out somewhat than have a bunch of individuals sit in a gathering with no expectations or motion objects? Looks as if a giant waste of time.”

We’ve all been in these conferences. And we don’t like them. Why?

As a result of whereas on the floor the aim of the assembly appears significant, for many attendees the conferences are largely irrelevant with numerous “have to know” however not sufficient “have to do.”

Take that very same emotion and apply it to typical e-learning programs, particularly annual compliance and certification coaching. Most of these programs have what seems to be worthwhile content material, however for the learner, the course is a number of “have to know” however little or no “have to do.”

And that’s why individuals click on by the course at speedy velocity and attempt to get to the quiz as quick as attainable.

For this reason we see so many questions on the right way to lock the navigation, as a result of course house owners know individuals aren’t going to take a seat by that boring, irrelevant content material.

In a really perfect world, the course is structured so it’s significant and related and the very best studying expertise attainable. However that’s most likely not going to occur, particularly not with most compliance coaching.

That’s OK. The truth is that almost all of these programs are necessary and there’s not a lot we will do. Nonetheless, as an alternative of combating this, let’s take a look at a couple of easy methods to make these programs higher.

Quiz Tip #1: Present a Pre-Take a look at

Don’t battle skipping to the quiz. As a substitute, put it up entrance. Give the learners who know the content material the chance to show it upfront.

If they’ll cross the quiz, then they display they know the content material (or no less than to the extent that you simply’re quizzing). Move the quiz, get credit score for completion. Don’t cross the quiz, go to web page 1 of the course.

pre- and post-test e-learning quiz

Click on right here to view the instance quiz.

Quiz Tip #2: Create Strain to Overview the Content material

Ask questions within the quiz the place you observed they’re most likely skipping. Don’t ask  trick questions, however important questions that cowl the core content material. Once they’re unsure the right way to reply, they’ll go look it up.

Within the screenshot under, odds are that the individual isn’t acquainted with RCW and all the solutions are viable, so that they’re most likely compelled to go lookup the reply to the query somewhat than danger lacking it.

e-learning quiz

I can assure you, as they’re requested one thing very particular that they don’t know, they’ll soar proper into the content material to search for it. And you then’ll have them within the course, studying what they should know to cross the quiz.

Quiz Tip #3: Make the Quiz the Course

Don’t begin with slide after slide of content material. As a substitute begin with the primary quiz query. After which no matter how they reply, present the core content material.

You’ll be able to’t insert fifty slides of content material. So, because the course writer, it forces you to find out the core content material that you really want them to know after which create the suitable query to evaluate that information.

Bonus tip: you may as well make it extra participating by organising the questions like a situation somewhat than fundamental quiz questions.

quiz is the e-learning course quiz tips

Click on right here to view pattern quiz.

There’s a cause individuals soar the content material and go to the quiz. In a really perfect world, the course is significant and related to what they should be taught. That’s most likely sufficient to maintain them within the course. Nonetheless, for those who do discover they’re skipping the content material, above are three good alternate options to attempt.


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