Learn how to Get M13C in MW2


Are you interested in tips on how to get the M13C weapon in MW2? Right here we’ll look into the small print to acquire it and incorporate it into your gameplay technique.

How to Get M13C in MW2

Season 5 of Trendy Warfare 2 has lastly arrived. With it comes an array of latest content material, together with six totally different weapons. One of many anticipated additions is the M13C assault rifle. Whereas the FR Avancer and Carrack 300 might be obtained by means of the battle move by gamers, it is the M13C that has really caught the eye of players worldwide.

This assault rifle is all set to enter this season, together with an unlock problem. If the identify M13C sounds considerably acquainted, it is as a result of it has a reference to the M13B—an assault rifle launched in MW2 and Warzone throughout the season of 2022. Take into account the M13C as its sibling filled with extra energy.

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How Can I Get M13C in MW2?

M13C weapon in MW2

To acquire the M13C weapon, you may must take part in a problem referred to as Shadow Siege inside MW2. This occasion is a part of the MW3 storyline and is a step in direction of buying the M13C.

In line with Activision, the M13C is described as a flexible Assault Rifle that can be utilized successfully as a main weapon or as assist for snipers. It seems its true power lies in its skill to help snipers fairly than being solely centered on long-range fight. Nevertheless, it can take time and endurance to know its capabilities.

To efficiently unlock the M13C in Shadow Siege, your goal shall be to remove 5 commanders. Throughout this problem, you need to be ready to face adversaries akin to Juggernauts, Boss Choppers and Wheelsons. Activision has confirmed that these foes shall be current throughout this mission.

Shadow Siege

To make your progress smoother, it is strongly recommended to equip your self with a rocket launcher and prioritize taking down any choppers, Wheelsons or Juggernauts that cross your path in Shadow Siege. By following this strategy, you’ll swiftly unlock the M13C and acquire possession of this extremely sought-after weapon.

Please word that it’s advisable to type a group when endeavor this activity with the intention to improve your probabilities of success. Collaborating along with your teammates offers a bonus because it permits you to synchronize your efforts and successfully overcome the problem at hand. By pooling your abilities and sources, you’ll considerably enhance the chance of conducting the target and securely acquiring the M13C.

What to Do Subsequent?

When you efficiently end the problem, you’ll unlock the M13C to be used in MW2 multiplayer Warzone or DMZ. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you just equip your M13B with attachments because it has a reference to the M13C. By optimizing your M13B loadout, you may be absolutely ready to make the most of the weapon as soon as it turns into accessible.


As Season 5 continues, there shall be lots to find concerning the M13Cs’ capabilities and the thrilling alternatives it brings. Make certain to remain concerned with the gaming world by exploring methods and discovering the loadouts for the M13C.



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